The Benefits Of Pay Per Call

Pay per call is a pay per lead advertising model whereby the price paid by an advertiser is based on the number of phone calls generated by a visitor to an advertiser’s web site. Pay Per Call providers usually charge per call, each impression or per sale.

Pay Per Call

There are three types of Pay Per Calls available: Free-CallCall, Interactive Phone, and Live Phone. Free call allows the advertiser to promote their product or service for free. Interactive call is when the advertiser places their advertisement on a website where users can interact with the ad to see how the advertisement is perceived or respond to the advertisement.

Live Phone is when the advertiser uses a toll-free call center, hosted by an external provider, and pays a retainer fee to use their facility. An example of this would be if an advertiser wanted to advertise their new products on a call center that could deliver orders to customers with a credit card, they would need to pay the fee associated with using the facility as well as the cost of placing the advertisement on the website, however if the advertisement was placed on a website that would deliver the order to the customer and the credit card, the company would not have to pay the retainer fee.

There are some call centers which offer a free trial of a service and a standard fee per call. This is one option that many advertisers choose because it is cheaper than paying for a full-time call center. The service providers typically charge anywhere from $25 per call per month.

If you choose a pay per call service then you may want to check with a few pay per call service providers in the area so you know exactly what they have to offer and what their rates are. Some websites also have a review section which can help you compare several providers.

Most call centres will require that you sign a contract with them before they will allow you to place your advertisements. You will need to be prepared to agree to terms and conditions in writing before they allow you to place your advertisement. Be sure to read all information you are given and make sure you understand it before signing anything. You may also want to ask for a copy of the agreement prior to signing anything, in case something comes up during the process.

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